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Hide Watched or Bland Videos On YouTube

If you are a regular on the video hosting site YouTube, you might feel that the site is missing options to hide or remove videos. This can be interesting for subscription videos that you have no interest in or that you have already watched. YouTube offers no controls to remove watched or bland videos from your list of subscriptions, or the new channel listing on your start page.

The userscript YouTube Tweak changes this by adding delete buttons to those listings so that you can remove videos from the listing to hide them from view. Once you have installed the userscript, you will notice that it automatically adds delete icons to each video on the YouTube start page.

hide youtube videos

The icons are only added to the start page, and the subscriptions and channels displayed there. They are not displayed when you search. A click on the icon removes the video instantly from the listing and hides it from view permanently, or at least until you disable the userscript’s functionality either by hotkey or by disabling it.

The userscript furthermore removes videos from the listings automatically after you have watched them on YouTube. That’s useful for YouTube users who like to delete videos from view when they have been watched once.

The developer has added a fallback option, as you could not watch videos multiple times otherwise with the userscript enabled in the background.

Two keyboard shortcuts were added to unhide the removed videos on YouTube again. You can disable the automatic removal of watched videos on Youtube with the Alt-1 hotkey, and the hiding of removed videos with the Alt-2 key. The keys can also be used to re-enable the feature. You may need to reload the page before the changes take effect.

Google Chrome users can install the userscript straight away in their browser. Firefox users need to install the Greasemonkey or Scriptish extension first before they can do the same. (via A Tech Girl’s Life)