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Check Social Media Network Username Available With Knowem

Companies today no longer only have to provide contents on their on their own websites, but also on third party sites. This includes social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook for instance where the majority of businesses need to be present to interact with their audience.

For that, it is important to register the right brand, product or username on those sites. This can also be an important consideration during product creation. It is not only important that a brand related product name is available, but also that the name is available on social networking sites.

Individual users may also want to use the same name on all social networking sites they use. And that’s where Knowem can help them with.

All it takes is to key in a name that you plan on using to see if it is available or taken on hundreds of social media sites, blogging sites, or video hosting sites. Knowem supports all popular names, from Twitter and Facebook to Reddit, YouTube or Linkedin. The most popular destinations are checked right away, with links pointing to the site’s so that you can get started signing up on those sites manually immediately.


You can also switch to the Social Networks tab which lists all of the supported sites in categories such as blogging, business, design or information. Sites are not checked automatically, a click on check this category checks the availability on all sites listed in the category. To check multiple categories, you need to click the button multiple times for each category you want checked.

It does not end here though, as you can also use Knowem to check for available domain names.

The developers of Knowem make money by offering premium services. These automate the signup on a select number of sites, and include profile creation and email confirmations. It starts at $64.95 for 25 essential networks and goes all the way up to $599 for signups at 300 social networking sites.