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SVDownloader, Search, Play And Download Videos

I personally like desktop applications that combine video searching, playing and downloading. Why? Because these programs tend to have advantages over browser based solutions. Among the important ones are the ability to search multiple video portals directly, better download management and a download history.

SVDownloader has been developed by the same company that brought your the video recorder SMRecorder [1]. Please be advised that the installation is similar to that of the recorder, which means that it will install a toolbar and make changes to search, homepage and other pages of the web browser if installed with the recommended settings.

video downloader [2]

The application interface itself is divided into three different parts. The navigational elements at the top, the download queue and download manager in the middle and the search results at the bottom.

SVDownloader returns only results from one video portal at a time. This limits the results and reduces the usability of the video downloader. Among the supported video portals are Youtube, Dailymotion, LiveLeak, Yahoo Videos and an adult entertainment site that shall remain unnamed.

Each video is displayed with a video thumbnail, title, description, playing time, the source portal and play and download buttons.

A click on play opens a popup window in which the video is played. SVDownloader uses Internet Explorer’s core for this which means that the “play-part” will only work if Internet Explorer can play videos on the site as well. Internet Explorer 9 users may want to check if ActiveX Filtering is enabled as it interferes with Flash video and other plugin related contents (see Internet Explorer 9 ActiveX Filtering: Fix Flash, Java And Other Plugins [3]) for detailed information about this).

A click on Download Video sends the video to the download queue. Videos are displayed with their size, progress and download speed. Completed videos can be played locally with a double-click (in the built-in SFPlayer) or by opening the folder they have been stored in with a right-click and the selection of Open Containing Folder.

The tool integrates with the developer’s audio and video converter which is also freely available from the developer site. Downloaded videos can be converted into different formats if the converter is installed on the system as well.

Videos can be filtered with a click on one of the sidebar items.

download videos [4]

Here it is possible to disable the automatic system start of the application, change the video download directory, add or remove file types that are monitored in the Windows Clipboard and proxy settings. It is furthermore possible to add an anti-virus program in the settings which is then automatically used to scan downloaded files.

The program could be improved by offering multi-video portal searches which is probably the biggest issue right now. Its integration with web browsers could also be improved.

Windows users can download the video downloader SVDownloader [5] directly from the developer homepage.

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