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The “Only If We’re Offline Friends” Rule

I’m active on a LOT of social/sharing webapps: Twitter [1], Flickr [2], Foursquare, Tumblr [3], and to a lesser degree, FriendFeed, Delicious and Buzz. While most of my posts are public and open to everyone, on Foursquare and Facebook*, I only accept friend requests from people who I know and hang out with offline. Still, I feel bad refusing friend requests from people who listen to TWiG or read Lifehacker or this blog simply because I don’t know them. What I really want, on every social network, is an optional friend request auto-responder, so that I could make it read, “You seem nice and I’m glad you want to be friends with me, but I only accept friend requests/follow back people I know offline. Sorry.” (My Facebook page [4] is open to the public, it’s my personal profile that’s offline-friends-only.)

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