The Software Buttons You Love Pushing

24 Giu/10

Spent several hours running around town doing tedious errands the other day in neighborhoods I don’t know well, so I was thrilled to finally tap the “Navigate To->Home” button on my GPS when I was done. It got me wondering: what are the software buttons you just can’t help but love to tap, click, or press? An informal poll on Twitter unearthed a bunch of good ones: your email’s Out of Office “Enable” button, “End Call,” “Mark All as Read,” the power button, “Install Updates,” The “OK” button next to “Deposit $xxxx?” ATM prompt, and “Done” on your to-do list. What else? The full list of replies I got are inside. 78 Twitter replies

Public Twitter replies to @ginatrapani’s tweet:

mezzoblue: probably the ‘1P’ button in Safari to have 1Password auto-fill login forms / credit cards / etc.
sippey: oh, that’s easy. “End Call.”
carnellm: Did the old Oscar the Grouch trash can emptying on the classic Macs count as a software button? I loved that.
singlepayer: delete, remove, off, and block
mediamgl: iPhone sleep button to power on the screen — my wallpaper is always a photo of my boys &/or wife.
rsisk101: My favorite button to push is the Submit button on my latest @thinkgeek order ;>
andrevr: The YES button on any “Are you sure you want to uninstall this Microsoft software product?” dialog box.
andrevr: Mark all as read in Google Reader.
andrevr: The install button on a new iPhone app :))
achura: The one that fires up Fallout 3 when I get home
mrgunn: “Send” is my favorite button to push.
wangyip: I think I’d have to say the x close button; signals the end of the day and nothing like clearing my desktop (computer) to gtd
ranti: Start –> Shutdown –> OK. #winxp
Heartagram: “Refesh Tweets” on my @palm Pre Plus 🙂
therealriley: Obvious one for me “Update Now” on a #Android OTA System Update dialogue 😉
ProLibGeek: Power. (or Close.)
pierrekhawand: the Refresh button!
kr1shna: shutdown on my work windows laptop.
sylviavbruggen: the final click on the save button for something I have worked on for months
drnyc23: refresh Herron any Twitter client
herrensam: The “Get Mail” button in Thunderbird when I’m waiting on a big sale to close.
PHLAK: Firfox refresh (or F5). I’m a web developer.
machorro: the X on my xbox controller
markdbennett: shutdown (cos it means I’m finished)!
stefcom: Alt-F4
milesosborne: “mark as spam” on gmail
Ohthatflo: That’s my favorite button, too. My GPS is teaching me the grid of SF. Yayyy.
jordibunster: For me it’s @appzapper‘s “Zap!”, no question about it.
randi2kewl: my favorite button to push is F11 … nothing like a fullscreen page view!
StuartKeeble: Out of Office “Enable” #favebutton
lucasrichter: My favourite is really a CLI command: “hg commit”
Dibb: Favourite software button [ Start | Shutdown ] then go outside for fresh air and to spend time with loved ones 😉
dougpayton: My wife’s favorite software button for me to push is Start->Shutdown.
justinisaacs001: The home button on my iPhone.
patrickneville: i want it on
miguelmanalo: I love hitting the snooze button on my IPhone alarm in the morning.
djbender: off button.
takewhat: The snooze button on my phone when it wakes up me 🙂
steveboland: “update podcasts” on my Rhythmbox player. Fresh TWiG on the way. Ahhhhh!
nguarracino: “Install Update(s)” from the webOS app catalog. Only shows up when updates are available – I love getting new goodies!
georgetsiolis: Compass mode on Google Maps while on Street View
xandertigerclaw: Pull-down-to-refresh in @Twitter iPhone; the only thing in the app I wish @Twitterrific had.
theMTA: The Play button on the TWiT apps!
antimeria: gmail’s archive and delete are pretty satisfying.
ryantiffany: smart dj on my zune
steveherskovits: mine is “deposit $xxxx – OK?”
iJenQ: favorite button is skype-ing my kids and playing silly skype games
adamstegman: Menu on Android. I always know I’ll find what I’m looking for.
jamie3d: “Record All New Episodes” on my “Beyond TV” HTPC.
nicolasmagand: volume up on my car radio
funkaster: search on gmail!
DavidTouchette: “This will erase all the data on your hard drive, are you sure?” YES
mikecarlucci: Right now: Play (words with friends)
stevegibson: the “guide” button on my satellite remote.
arrowgunz: Firefox shortcut on my Windows 7 taskbar
thegeekiestmark: Delete->Message, followed closely by Task->Completed (Navigate to->Home is pretty sweet too 🙂 )
AHaefner: I really love Unread, the RSS reader I use on my BlackBerry. Syncs with Google Reader and is a fantastic app. Does that count?
daviddando: : Google Search!
hendersonsk: refresh on anything that updates
mteichrob: Favourite software button to push is ‘Archive’ in Gmail.
johnrh: : I like the way you explicitly added ‘software’ to your tweet :p
ftallah: Mine is the “slide sorter” button in PowerPoint. Allows me to step back and reassess what’s worth leaving / deleting.
petemolina: slingbox since yesterday. Google Listen before that.
trialmaster: I’d say: the record button in GarageBand or, better, the start a new wave button in google wave…
1smartbuy: the roboform(login)buttons(app)
nut_k: The big wifi button in Wireless Tether for Android. It just looks cool.
EricWVergne: Start -> Shutdown
fberjon: start -> shutdown.
0xabad1dea: And my mom says her favorite is pressing Bind to Domain on a Macintosh.
0xabad1dea: I like pressing refresh in twitter hoping to see something cool from the tech people i follow 🙂
bobdownsinfo: Fav software button to push = TweetDeck =)
jasonfortun: the Mixview button in the Zune desktop client.
thetechfreek: , I like pushing the button that launches the nugget of gaming awesomeness that is Angry Birds on my home screen.
CalenJones: Mark all as read in Google Reader
maxasq: (win)+D 2 fastly go 2 desktop in all win OS
CuteAssistant: Hi Checkout sw to take notes, manage tasks, describe your fav pics, securely store passwords&more!
onepaulrobinson: I am rather partial to the “Podcast” button on my iPod touch. Everyone at TWIT, TWIG, etc. make my day enjoyable!
Heldmanteam: I like clicking on the iPhoto icon….that brings up all 10,000 of my favorite family pictures.

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