Analyze Windows Startup Time With Soluto

3 Giu/10

Soluto is a software program that can be used to analyze the Windows startup. It provides in depth information about each item and program that gets loaded during startup so that the computer user can make the right choices to speed up the start of the Windows operating system.

The PC needs to be rebooted after Soluto installation. This can be done right away or at a later time. Soluto will analyse all consecutive boots of the PC and record the boot times and applications in a history.

Boot applications are defined as required, potentially removable and no-brainer.

  • Required: Core system processes that cannot be removed. This includes Windows Explorer, CSRSS, svchost processes and others.
  • Potentially removable: These applications can be removed but it can also be that they are needed. Listed here are third party drivers and security software among others.
  • No-Brainer: Are displayed in green. They can be removed from the boot process without problems. Listed here are the usual suspects like Google Update that offer no benefits to the user.


All programs are listed with their boot time and each section displays the number of applications and the combined boot time as well.

This alone would be pretty useful by itself but the fact that Soluto provides identification and suggestions makes it that more interesting and helpful.

A click on any application will reveal a description, information what other users did and options to pause or delay the start of the app.

analyze windows startup

The advanced link on each application profile will lead to additional information about the selected program. Soluto lists the number of users who have the software installed, a recommendation, the costs of having it run at boot time (percentage, seconds and disk load) and the application processes.


Soluto keeps track of the boot history since it runs on every Windows startup. Downloads have been activated again on the Soluto website. The program is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Advanced users might also find ways to tweak the core applications that are displayed in the required section as some are started by services of which some might not be needed. Read the Windows Services Optimizer SMART for a program that can automatically optimize the services.

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