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Math wizards take note. Chromey Calculator is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser that offers access to most of Wolfram|Alpha’s and Google’s mathematical calculations and functions.

The extension places one of those dreaded icons in the Google Chrome header that opens a popup window when clicked on.

Here it is then possible to perform calculations and conversions easily. Supported among others are for instance:

  • Mixed unit calculations — 2 mi + 4 km + 3 light-years in feet
  • Unit conversion — 1/4 cup in tablespoons
  • Currency conversion — 56 dollars in euros
  • Hex, octal, binary — 4 + 0xAF + 0o71 + 0b10 in hex
  • Mathematical functions — tan(pi/4), log(10), sqrt(2), etc.
  • Mathematical and physical constants — pi, e, h, c, etc.
  • Solve equations — solve(2 x^2 – 1 = 0)
  • Derivatives and integrals
  • Vector calculations

google chrome calculator

Chromey Calculator adds three core features to the power of the two calculators:

  • Persistent printer tape style history – The extension displays the most recent calculation in its interface.
  • Persistent links to original source of each result
  • Persistent user variables – User variables can be created with @chars=

chromey calculator

Quick Tips
* Last result can be accessed using the “@” variable.
* Create your own user variables — @abc_123 = 42
* Store an unevaluated expression — @x := 10 meters
* Use up/down arrow keys to access input history.
* Click on any result to insert it into the input area.
* Ctrl+Click or Cmd+Click (OS X) on any result to copy to clipboard.
* Click the little arrow at the upper right to pop out to new window.
* Hover over the the empty space to the left of any result to reveal a
“G” or “W” link. Click the link to see the original source of a result in
Google or Wolfram|Alpha.

Chrome users who install the extension should take a closer look at the Google Calculator and Wolfram|Alpha examples.

Chromey Calculator can be downloaded and installed from the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery.

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