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Zoofs Finds Viral Youtube Videos On Twitter

Have you ever wondered what the trends of tomorrow will be? What people will be talking about? You can now get a headstart with Zoofs, a brand new service that scans Twitter for video links and aggregates them into a most popular listing on their website.

According to information posted on the service’s website more than 2.1 million videos have been discovered in the past 22 days.

The site opens with a video wall with controls at the top of it. Each video is displayed with a thumbnail and playtime. Hovering the mouse over the video displays the video’s title which sometimes happens to be in a foreign language.


The controls at the top can be used to filter the video listing. It is possible to view only videos of a specific category, e.g. sports, news and politics or comedy, switch to a list format for an better overview or change the video upload date from anytime to last 72 hours.

Zoofs [1] is an entertaining and interesting site. A search is missing as well as an option to filter videos by language. Users who like viral videos should give the service a try.

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