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Gmail Netbook Mode

Netbooks usually run at limited screen resolutions which often fail to display websites and services properly. And those that are displayed properly still need to be scrolled so that all of the content of the website can be accessed on the netbook.

Netbook users who access Gmail on the web face the same problem. Many of the elements on the Gmail website take up valuable space that should be reserved for more important elements like the emails and messages that the Gmail users wants to read.

The Greasemonkey userscript Better Gmail: Mini Wide adds a special netbook mode to Google’s mail service that removes a lot of clutter from the service on demand. The w key has been assigned by the developer to optimize the display of Gmail for netbook users. It removes the Gmail sidebar and header area so that only the main message area remains.

The search form, all navigational elements, ads, sidebar links and widgets are removed from the display upon pressing the w key after installing the Greasemonkey script which basically makes the message area use the whole width of the computer screen. Another key press displays all the elements again which makes the script a comfortable option on netbooks.

Better Gmail: Mini Wide can be installed directly from the Userscripts [1] website. It worked fine in the latest version of Firefox and might also work in other browsers that support userscripts. Firefox users need to install the Greasemonkey [2] add-on before they can install the userscript.

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