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Graphical Diary And Journal RedNotebook

A simple text file is sometimes all one needs to put thoughts on virtual paper. But text documents, even advanced ones like Microsoft Word documents, do not cut it when it comes to maintaining a regularly updated diary or journal.

RedNotebook has been designed to provide a better and more comfortable experience for regular note taking tasks. The program is available for multiple language and the operating systems Windows and Linux.

The main interface is divided into three columns. The left sidebar displays the calendar, the word cloud and search, the right sidebar tags and categories and the main column the current journal entry.

Each journal entry consists of a date, tags, categories and the information that the user wants to record.

RedNotebook supports not only textual information but also pictures, files and links but unfortunately no videos.

Several formatting options are available including bullet lists, text formatting, titles and lines. It is not as sophisticated as the controls in Word but it is sufficient for this task.

Here are some of the additional features offered by RedNotebook:

Some of the interesting features are the ability to maintain multiple journals, export the journals at any time into various formats either locally or remotely and to use templates to speed up the note taking.

RedNotebook [1] can be downloaded from the project’s website over at Sourceforge where it is available for Linux and Windows.

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