10 Firefox SEO Extensions

21 Feb/10

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important on today’s Internet. SEO basically describes all methods of increasing a website’s visibility in the search engines. This can be optimizing the website, link building, monitoring competing websites, link baiting and everything else that is related to that field.

New websites are not found by default and SEO, done knowingly or not, helps increase a website’s visibility so that it attracts visitors and search engines. Everything that improves the visibility is SEO including submitting the website to search engines or directories, writing articles on the website, twittering about the new website, doing link exchanges or building links.

SEO Tools help the webmaster in the process. They provide many features that could also be handled manually but time constraints usually make those tools the best choice. Search Engine Optimization extensions for Firefox handle many tasks for the webmaster. This ranges from displaying information about a website like its Pagerank, Alexarank or backlinks over the IP address, domain age, country the web server is hosted in, directory listings to website validations and keywords.

The following ten tools are SEO extensions for the Firefox 3.x web browser.

General Purpose SEO Extensions:

SEO Quake

SEO Quake offers two features. First a SEO toolbar that displays information about every website visited and integration in major search engines like Google or Bing to display factors for the websites in the search results.

The extension displays the Google Pagerank, indexation in Google, Bing and Yahoo, Alexarank, domain age and links that point to other pages on the same domain and external domains. Lots of information that can be very useful for Search Engine Optimization.

Webmasters should make sure to only turn on the extension when they need it as it can lead to a temporary Google Ban because of all the connections that it establishes in a short amount of time.

Sen Seo

Sen Seo is an add-on that integrates itself into the Firebug web development add-on. It can analyze the onpage factors of a website to provide the webmaster with information about optimizations that can be done on the page to improve the website.

It analyzes for instance the title, meta tags, page content or domain and provides suggestions on how to improve those factors.

SEO Status

A lightweight add-on that places two elements in a Firefox toolbar. These elements display a website’s Pagerank and Alexarank. The add-on offers additional information in its menu including website whois information or backlink checks.

SEO Open

Provides a context menu with many options including checking backlinks in various search engines, cached pages, Pagerank, Alexarank, keyword density and more. The options look very similar to the ones provided by SEO Status.

Web Page SEO Analysis Tool

This extension can be used to perform a basic analysis of a page. Information that are displayed include general status, meta tags listing, meta tags analysis, the pages displayed within search engine results, keywords found in the anchor tags, keywords found in the image “alt” attribute text, keywords found on the page, URLs found in the page, headers returned from the server.

SEO Toolbars:

Foxy SEO Toolbar

A toolbar that provides links to many information about a website. From keyword research to network information, backlinks and Pagerank. Definitely one of the most extensive SEO extensions for Firefox.

Webrank Toolbar

A toolbar that displays the following information: Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, Quantcast Rank, Pages indexed in Google, Pages indexed in Bing, Pages indexed in Yahoo.

SEO Toolbar

The SEO Toolbar shows PageRank, Alexa Rank, Popularity Index Rank for any website you visit on the one toolbar. Other SEO features include Search Engine view, server header view, Wayback Machine button and links to many SEO forums and websites.

Specialized Tools:

Google Semantics

This Firefox extension helps to get synonyms for keywords for Latent Semantic Indexing. Search engines use synonyms in their relevancy calculations.

Google Camo

A Firefox extension that simply manages and monitors your Google personalized search results. This plug-in is designed to allow SEOs to easily and automatically opt out of Google personalized search when signed out of their Google account.

SEM Tools

A complex extension for search engine marketing with the following core features:

  • Search box to quickly check Google and Yahoo in other countries/languages.
  • Search box is fully customizable and can find the current search term on most search engines.
  • Search box can open multiple pages at once either in separate tabs or in one tab in frames.
  • Highlights text ads by color based on companies in Google and Yahoo.
  • Get Links will grab all URLs and link text from any page and then you can filter them and select just the ones you need.
  • Check a list of URLs to make sure they are all working and find out what page they actually redirect to.
  • Grab a list of campaign names and campaign IDs from the Google Adwords campaign page.
  • Keyword creation tools like join, replace and group.
  • URL decoder uncloaks the URL of ads on sites like Yahoo and Baidu.

There is also another tool which currently displays an error message when trying to access the page at the Mozilla website. It is called Search Status. The extension displays the Pagerank, Alexarank, Compete and mozRank in a Firefox toolbar. It can be installed by visiting the search results page for SEO at Mozilla and clicking on the Install Addon button next to the add-on (after scrolling down to locate it).

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