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Nokia PC Suite Cleaner

Nokia’s PC Suite [1] is a software program for the Windows operating system that can be used to connect and manage Nokia mobile phones. The application can for instance be used to backup or synchronize data like contacts, emails or events, load music on the cell phone or download newer firmwares to the computer to update the phone.

The software integrates itself on the other hand tightly in the operating system which is something not all users want. This often results in leftover entries after uninstalling the Nokia PC Suite which can afterwards only be cleaned up manually which takes lots of time and searching to find them all.

The official Nokia PC Suite Cleaner is an alternative to cleaning up a computer system after uninstalling the PC Suite.

The program is provided by Nokia. Official uninstallers are often a sign that a noticeable percentage of all users are experiencing difficulties uninstalling a product from the computer system.

This is similar to antivirus software uninstallers that are provided by the program’s developers.

Nokia PC Suite Cleaner removes file and Registry leftovers of the Nokia PC Suite from the computer system.

With Nokia PC Suite Cleaner, you can:

  • Remove old or unnecessary Nokia PC Suite-related files from your PC to make way for a new installation
  • Clean both Nokia PC Suite files and registry data

It is recommended to perform a standard uninstallation first and run the Nokia PC Suite Cleaner afterwards to remove the leftovers that the uninstaller missed. It is also recommended to backup any data that might still be needed. This can for instance be phone backups or firmwares that are located on the computer system.

Nokia PC Suite Cleaner can be [2] downloaded from the Nokia website. It is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 7 [3] plus limited support for Windows 2000.

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