Tile Tabs In Firefox

3 Feb/10

Internet users with widescreen monitors see lots of whitespace when they run the web browser maximized as most websites are optimized for a width of about 1000 pixels. Options are to either reduce the size of the web browser window so that another window can be displayed next to it or leave it running in maximized state even if that means that lots of screen estate is not used.

Tile Tabs is a Firefox extension that might provide another option for those computer users. The extension can be used to tile tabs in the web browser so that multiple websites are displayed in tiles on the same screen.

I’m for instance using the tile technique to write the article in the left tile on my blog while the right tile displays the Tile Tabs add-on page at the Mozilla website. That’s very handy and easily doable as the monitor resolution is set to 1920×1200 on the computer.

Windows 7 users might think that this feature is similar to the operating system’s option to display two windows on the left and right side of the screen.

Tile Tabs on the other hand offers further options as it can not only be used to tile tabs vertically but also horizontally.

But Tile Tabs can do more than just divide two tabs horizontally or vertically as there is virtually no limit on how many tabs can be displayed in one tab.

There are two ways to tile tabs. The first option is to right-click any tab to tile all open tabs on the screen. The order that those tabs can be aligned can be either as a grid, horizontally or vertically.

The second option is to right-click anywhere on a displayed website to tile that tab to the left, right, up or down with another tab that can be selected from all the open tabs in the web browser.

The Firefox add-on offers other options detailed below:

A tile can be selected by clicking on the corresponding tab button or by clicking on the tile. A tiled tab is indicated by a dotted blue bar under the corresponding tab button. The currently selected tile is indicated by a solid blue bar under the corresponding tab button and by a blue border around the tile contents.

A tile can be re-sized by dragging the adjacent splitter bars. Splitter bars will snap in position when near to the edge of a tile or another splitter bar.

Double-click on any tile to expand that tile and collapse all the other tiles in that group. Double-click on any splitter to equalize the size of all the tiles in a group.

Select ‘Synchronize Scroll’ on the ‘Tile’ submenu to synchronize horizontal and vertical scrolling within each group of tiles. This allows easy comparison of two or more similar web pages. De-select to turn off synchronized scroll.

Select ‘View Normal Tabs’ on the ‘Tile’ submenu to view the tiled tabs at full size (without losing the tile layout information). This is useful to temporarily view the full contents of the tiled tabs. De-select to revert to the tiled layout.

Tile Tabs is compatible with Firefox 3.0 to Firefox 3.6. It can be downloaded from the Mozilla Firefox add-on repository.

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