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Flash’s Decline on Lifehacker, from 2006 to 2010

Just like it isn’t on the iPhone and iPod touch, Adobe’s Flash browser plug-in will not be on the iPad [1], and there are a whole lot of opinions about that decision. Predictably, Steve’s apostles are smug [2], Adobe’s pouting [3], and the rest of us will have to field questions from our relatives about why they keep seeing a blue lego piece [4]. Flash usage has been declining over the years anyway, and a few web publishers have shared numbers to prove the point. 32% of visitors [5] to John Gruber’s Mac blog Daring Fireball [6], which has a large percentage of visitors from the Flashless-by-default iPhone/iPod touch, did not have Flash enabled. Andy Baio says [7] 16% of Waxy.org [8] visitors don’t have Flash enabled, up from 4% a year ago. This site wasn’t around a year ago, but about 16% of Smarterware visitors don’t have Flash enabled either.

Because its readership represents a mixed group of both Mac and Windows users–albeit more tech-savvy ones than your average web surfer–I ran the numbers for Lifehacker [9], which currently gets about 39 million visitsors a month [10]. As you can see in the chart above, the number of Lifehacker visitors without Flash installed enabled nearly tripled from 2.32% in 2006, to 6.07% in 2009.*

My attitude about Flash? Thanks for all the video, but it’s time to go. I welcome HTML5 and the browsers that support it. For an even-handed discussion about the realities of Flash from a current Adobe employee who doesn’t work on Flash but does have lots of experience with standards, check out John Nack’s post, called “Sympathy for the Devil.” [11]

* Update: These numbers do not include the majority of iPhone/iPod touch traffic to Lifehacker because a partner manages Lifehacker’s mobile site and as far as I know, we’re not using the Google Analytics tracking tag for the main site on the mobile site.

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