Clipboard Manager Clipple [Firefox]

12 Gen/10

If you are not using a desktop clipboard manager you are left with a crippled clipboard in Windows that can only save one entry and will erase and replace that entry whenever a new entry is stored in it. Not very comfortable for users who copy and paste items regularly. One solution is a clipboard manager like PasteCopy, ArsClip, Clipdiary or CCCCtrlC. Those programs are fine if the extended clipboard is needed on a global level, say for Microsoft Office and Internet applications.

Clipple is a clipboard manager for the Firefox web browser. This means that it will only work for as long as Firefox is open. It does however capture new clipboard entries even if they are created in other applications and not in Firefox. It was for instance no problem to copy text in the email client Thunderbird which appeared in the selection list of Clipple in Firefox immediately.

The main difference is the pasting that can only be done in Firefox and not in other applications. Handy for users who work all the time with Firefox and do not need an extended clipboard manager.

The items that can be pasted are accessible from the right-click menu whenever the mouse is placed in a web form or form in the Firefox browser. Clipple stores up to 15 different items with no text size limitation by default. Those values can be changed to increase or decrease the number of items that are stored in the clipboard and to limit the maximum length of text that can be stored.

Sessions are saved by default which means that the copied items are available on the next start of the web browser even if the system was rebooted in the meantime. The last option ignores passwords that are copied to the clipboard.

There are no keyboard shortcuts available to speed up the process for users who like to work with the keyboard. The only option is a function that can be used in keyboard add-ons like keyconfig or vimperator.

Clipple is a very helpful add-on for users who need the functionality of an extended clipboard manager in Firefox and that do not use a desktop clipboard manager. The Firefox add-on is compatible with all Firefox 3.x versions. It can be downloaded from the Mozilla Firefox website.

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