Simple Numbers, Complicated Dates: 49 Innovative Calendars

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It’s that time of the year again when we kick off our shoes from work and enjoy the festive season. As we welcome the year ahead, I’m sure most of us have made some kind of resolutions for ourselves. Needless to say, many of us have been unable to stick to our previous resolutions to go on a diet or keep to an exercise regime, perhaps due our hectic schedules. What then, is more important than a calendar in order to manage time well and stay organized?

creative calendars

Unless you switch one, you will be looking at your new calendar for the new year for the next 365 days. Why not get a thought-provoking, creatively designed or aesthetic calendar that you can appreciate each and every day? Here, we have compiled some of the best designed calendars over the recent years to let each of you have an idea on the variety of calendars that designers have came up with. Enjoy!

Ink Calendar
via Oscar Diaz
This innovative calendar lets the ink from the bottle diffuses across the days of the month.

Square-Comics Calendar 2010
via Alone-zino
A comic-inspired calendar.

Spiral Calendar 2010
A unique calendar design in the form of a spiral.

Scratch A Date
via Yanko Design
Welcome each new day by scratching off to reveal the date!

Russian Creative 2008 Calendar
via Fenyu
Interesting calendar where each month is a different traffic scene as viewed by a trucker.

Calendar 2009
via Rekord
Each color corresponds to different days of the week.

2008 Calendar
via Tim Pokrichuk
A unique calendar with a web-like design.

Spiral Calendar
via Carlos Coelho
Yet another spiral calendar with colors assigned to each individual day of the week.

Calendar Made of Matches
via Yurko Gutsulyak
Every date is made of matches.

2010 Bubble Calendar
via Perpetual Kid
Enjoy pressing bubble wraps? You should get this.

Barometer Inspired Calendar
via Lindsey_muir
As you can tell, you have to turn to circles to represent the correct month, date, day and even the weather.

An Apple A Day
via David Weik
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Peel off the label of each apple you eat and stick it to the date.

Happy New Year From Happy Milo
via Jonathan Davies
A spectrum of color across the months.

March 2008
via Jennifer Daniel

Helvetica Calendar
via Guilherme Pontes
A calendar that uses the Helvetica typeface and an enticing range of colors.

Moma Perpetual Calendar
via Gideon Dagan Design
A 3D structure as a calendar.

Edible Calendar
via Dmitry Kutlayev
Chocoholics, limit your intake of chocolates with this edible calendar.

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories: Calendar
via Sudler & Hennessey
The message of this calendar: Smoking shortens your life span.

"Dorogaya" Magnetic Calendar
via Serhiy Chebotaryov
Magnetic calendar that you can place on your fridge.

Dodecahedral Calendar
via Dave Gray
A twelve-sided polygon as your calendar for the year.

Calendar Gregory
via Calendar-Game
Connect each line to a new date everyday. Kids will love this.

Camera Lens Calendar
via Sharad Kaksar
A camera lens inspired calendar for avid photographers.

Calendar Tells Me Everything
via Maksim Biriukov
This calendar tells you the present year, month, date, day and even the time.

Napkins Calendar 2009
via Stas Aki
Napkin and calendar combined.

Corian Calendar
via Niels Kjeldsen Design
Plastic blocks with dates and months.

Office Calendar
via Qaaim Goodwin
This wooden structure is a creative switch from the usual paper-style calendars.

Recycle Bin Advent Calendar
via Kelanew
A hand-crafted calendar using recycled materials.

Kalenteri 2008
via Pulse247
Circular calendar with a spectrum of colors.

Teacup Calendar
via Takeshi Nishioka
Drink tea from this calendar.

Typographic Tear-Off Calendar
via Parachute
Check out the different typefaces each day of the year.

Tickler Calendar For The Slip Method
via Judyofthewoods
Slip in your appointments and to-do lists into each date.

Voskhod: Calendar
via Voskhod
Yet another scratch calendar, but this time it reveals funny pictures, jokes, riddles, etc below each date.

Typodarium 2010
via Slanted
See a new typeface for each day.

Twelve Calendar
via Thomas Williams
A unconventional layout for a calendar. Those dates that are shaded are the weekends.

Calendario 02
via Quintohache
A 3D calendar made of Lego-like bricks.

Google Lego Calendar
via Keso
Another lego-inspired calendar by Google.

Axe Schedule
via Elma+Alt+Shift
A cute calendar showing each date with people in a building.

Nie Auction Calendar
via Iheartlinen
A calendar for you to feel and appreciate the texture of linen.

October 2009
via The Digichick
A hand-drawn calendar with photos of family.

Perpetual Calendar
via Etsy
A calendar display of cards for month, date and day.

Pink Letterpress Calendars 2009
A cute calendar with cute messages and pictures.

Pop-up Calendar
via Johann Volkmer
Open each new month and be dazzled by the fine craftmanship of pop-ups.

Spin Calendar 70s
via Presentandcorrect
Turn each ring to indicate the correct dates and months.

Human Calendar
via Human Calendar
An amusing use of photographic portraits of people for each squares of the calendar.

Finn & Rockwell’s Counting-House Calendar
via DezinHQ
An old-fashioned calendar design.

2008 Map Calendar & Poster By Lart C. Berliner
via Little Otsu Publishing
Each month is drawn in manner to make it look like individual regions of a map.

2008 Calendar
via Kate
Another hand-drawn calendar using only black ink.

Timor Calendar
via Unicorn Graphics
Classic 20th century design desk calendar inspired by railway signs.

Urban Calendar
See the entire year in a towering skyscraper-like wooden calendar.

About AuthorMichael Poh is a freelance blogger from Singapore. He is currently an undergraduate in National University of Singapore majoring in Psychology. He is an enthusiastic video gamer and has a keen interest in CG artworks.

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