Access Remote Computers With Akira [Dropbox]

27 Dic/09

Akira uses the synchronization capabilities of the popular file synchronization service Dropbox to provide basic networking functionality. The core idea of the software is to use shared folders to communicate between clients and servers using the Dropbox service. The program can be used with one Dropbox account that is used on different authorized computer systems or different Dropbox accounts that have been authorized for access.

Akira comes bundled with a server application called Latte. Installation and usage depends on the number of Dropbox accounts used. The user needs to place the Akira folder into the Dropbox folder on the local computer system. Other PCs that are linked to the Dropbox account can automatically use Akira. Other Dropbox user accounts need to be authorized first so that their users can make use of Akira.

Akira offers the following features once installed:

  • 1. View contents of a drive.
  • 2. View contents of a folder.
  • 3. Run an application.
  • 4. Open a file.
  • 5. Delete a file.
  • 6. Terminate a running process.
  • 7. View currently running processes.
  • 8. View a list of all available drives.
  • 9. Generate a screenshot of the current screen of the server and receive it in your Dropbox.
  • 10. Get a specific file from the server PC and receive it in your Dropbox.
  • 11. Shutdown the server PC.
  • 12. Open a website or any URL with the server’s default browser.

The program itself offers access to command line commands that activate the various functions of the program (not case sensitive).

  • ABOUT – display details about the specified command.
  • CLEAR – clears the screen.
  • CAFELATTE – terminates the server (Latte)
  • DELETE – delete the specified file.
  • DRIVE – navigate to the specified drive letter.
  • EXIT – terminate and sign out from the server.
  • GET – get the specified file from the server machine.
  • GO – navigate to the specified folder name.
  • HELP – display help screen.
  • KILL – terminate the specified process.
  • LIST – list files and folders under the specified folder.
  • LISTDRIVE – list all the available drives.
  • LISTPROCESS – list all the running process.
  • RUN – run the specified application, file, or website.
  • SCREENSHOT – takes a screenshot of the current screen.
  • SHUTDOWN – shutdown the server PC after 60 seconds.

The program can for instance be used to take a screenshot of the current screen, kill a specific process on the remote computer or display the files in a specific folder.

Akira can be downloaded from the developer’s website. It is a portable program. The only other requirement is at least one Dropbox account.

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