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21 Dic/09

FastPictureViewer is a lightweight image viewer for the Windows operating system. The program has been initially designed for professionals who need to review, label and rate large amounts of digital photos on a regular basis but has since then evolved to become a popular photo viewer for users who work with lots of photos regularly. It is therefor an ideal software for photographers, imaging professionals and enthusiasts with large photo collections.

FastPictureViewer can help you save time. Its aim is to be your first choice for a quick first-pass culling/review of (very) large quantities of images. Once your rough selection is made and you have copied/tagged the images you want to keep, FastPictureViewer has done its job and your usual workflow (Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture NX, DPP, IDimager, IMatch, whatever…) picks up from there as usual. Slashing the initial review time in three is typical, thanks to the speed of everything FastPictureViewer does, viewing, rating, copying, all is virtually instantaneous vs. 1 second here, 2 seconds there, thousands of times, with all competing solutions.

One feature of the photo viewer becomes apparent right after startup: It is incredible fast. It does not really matter if the program is being used to view a handful of images or thousands as the amount of images does not seem to have an impact on the speed of the program. Now we have not tested it with 50+ Megabyte photos but the program loaded our five Megabyte photos as fast as some smaller images that we had lying around.

The photo viewer supports Unicode and international characters which makes it ideal for viewing photos that use non-Latin characters in their file or folder names.

FastPictureViewer Professional displays several objects on the screen besides the active photo. Those are a rating object to quickly rate the active photo, exif information about the mode, focal, ISO and megapixels used to take the photo, a histogram and an external editors object that can be used to quickly load the photo into a photo editor.

All of those information and on screen objects can be disabled if they are not needed. Photos can be scrolled in multiple ways including the mouse wheel, the computer keyboard and by clicking on the thumbnail image of a photo in the thumbnail stripe on top which is only displayed if the mouse is in that area of the program.

The left and right mouse button can be used to zoom into the photo. Holding the button makes it possible to move around in the photo.

The professional version of FastPictureViewer supports a wide variety of image and photo formats, among them all popular formats like jpg, png or tiff but also hd photo, various RAW formats like CR2, CRW, NRW or NEF.

FastPictureViewer Professional offers extensive options to enable or disable features, improve the performance or quality and to configure other settings like the slideshow, plugins or automatic updates.

  • Color Management: FastPictureViewer fully supports color management, including support for custom-profiled monitors. A specific profile, to be used when converting the images for display, can be selected in the program options. Is is important to note that FastPictureViewer converts the image data directly from the source color space (the image file) to the destination color space (as specified by the monitor profile) without an intermediate sRGB step
  • Image Bookmarking: FastPictureViewer supports 10 “quick bookmarks” accessible from the keyboard or a popup menu. Press Ctrl+Alt+1 to set bookmark 1 at the current image’s location, then later on press Alt+1 to quickly jump back to it.
  • Network Support: Network Shares browsing is enabled
  • Multi-Monitor support: FastPictureViewer is fully multi-monitor aware and can be displayed on any monitor in a multi-monitor setu
  • High-DPI Monitors: FastPictureViewer fully supports 96, 120, 144, 192, 250 dpi screen resolution and beyond (tested up to 480 dpi).
  • Adobe XMP and Windows 7, Windows Vista metadata: The program can optionally create/update Adobe XMP sidecar files and optionally write embedded XMP and Windows 7, Windows Vista metadata within JPEG (JFIF), HD Photo / JPEG XR and TIFF containers.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: The program supports a wide variety of shortcuts that can speed up the workflow tremendously.

The developer of FastPictureViewer has created three support pages that showcase the advantages of the program for professional photographers, imaging professionals and photography enthusiasts which are the starting point for in depth information.

A video review of the program is available below.

Christmas Giveaway:

We are giving away an unlimited amount of licenses for the next 24 hours. You can download the 32-bit or 64-bit edition of FastPictureViewer below. The program is pre-registered so all that you need to do is to install it between December 21, 12:00 CET and December 22, 12:00 CET.

Users who download the version after the 24 hour period can use the program as a fully working Pro trial until January 31, 2010. It will automatically revert back to a free version after that data.

Raju is giving away licenses for USB Safely Remove.

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