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Top List Of Brands That Experienced The Most Phishing Attacks In 2009

Avira has published a top list of brands that experienced the most phishing attacks in 2009. The top 3 brands according to their chart are PayPal with 32205 threats followed by Chase Bank with 25901 threats and eBay with 18738 threats. Each threat in this case refers to a unique Internet address that was being used to phish data from users.

One interesting aspect of the chart is that Chase Bank and ebay battled it out for most of the year and that PayPal began its rise in December which Avira attributes to the Christmas season and the increased usage of PayPal in that season.


Several other brands experienced a lot of phishing attacks as well. Here is the top 10 list according to Avira:

All of the brands in the top 10 with the exception of Facebook are brands related to the finance sector or shopping. It certainly is an interesting trend that the attackers were able to produce that many phishing websites in December alone to make PayPal rise to the top of the statistics.

The statistics collected by other companies will probably differ marginally but it is likely that the top brands listed in the Avira [3] list are also the top brands in their listings. PayPal users should be very cautious at the moment.

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