Android Developer Challenge 2 Winners

1 Dic/09

Google’s Android platform which was once backed only by HTC has come a long way since then. Many cell phone manufacturers are releasing Android based cell phones at the moment including Samsung, Motorola and Acer with its Acer Liquid A1. Google created an Android Developer Challenge last year to give an incentive to software developers to create software for the Android platform. Since then a lot has changed and the Android Market place is hosting thousands of applications for Android cell phones.

Today the winners of the second Android Developer Challenge have been announced. Three overall winners and three winners in distinct categories are listed on the official website of the challenge.

android developer challenge

Among them the following interesting applications:

  • Wave Secure: WaveSecure is a complete mobile security solution that protects your device, data and privacy. 1. Track your phone’s location and who is using it 2. Lock down your phone remotely, making it worthless to the thief 3. Backup all your data 4. Wipe out your data remotely 5. Restore your data May the phone be with you!
  • Plink Art: Plink Art is an app for identifying, discovering and sharing art. Take a photo of a painting, and the Plink Art servers will try to identify it. You can also browse our database of artwork by keyword or timeline and share your discoveries with friends.
  • Celeste: An educational augmented reality app that displays the Sun, Moon, planets and their paths through the sky onto your camera view. You can navigate through the sky selecting celestial bodies to display interesting information about our solar system. See the exact spot on your horizon where the sun will rise and set.
  • Car Locator: Save your location whenever you park, and Car Locator will navigate you back to your car should you ever have trouble finding it. – Points in direction of your car using GPS and compass – Radar view, map view, and split view – Parking timer alarm GPS and compass must be enabled.
  • mobilematics: Never need an expensive graphics calculator again! mobilematics can be used for simple calculations to degree-level material, as well as providing a revolutionary Teacher mode. +Calculator +Converter, including currencies +Teacher mode +Graphs +Calculus +Solves equations +Statistics +Save & restore work +Much more..
  • Screebl: Screebl controls your phone’s power-saving features based on device orientation. No more annoying screen timeouts when reading a long email or showing your friend a picture from the gallery. Best of all, Screebl can actually EXTEND YOUR PHONE’S BATTERY LIFE! You’ll wonder how you ever got along without this simple app
  • Thinking-Space: Mind Mapping for Android! Portable Mind Mapping has never been so convenient and fun! * Create eye-catching Mind Maps quickly and easily * Share mindmaps via Email or ‘Cloud’ functionality * Upload and download maps to your phone via the Thinking Space web portal * Compatible with popular desktop software * And more!
  • BabelSnap!: BabelSnap uses your built-in camera to snap a picture, extracts the text from the photo, and can translate it into another language. BabelSnap is useful when facing language barriers while traveling. You can snap images of signs, menus, or other bits of text, and choose to translate them to nearly any language!

Most of the applications can already be downloaded from the Android Market place. Which is your favorite?

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