Tidbits From The World Of Mobile Phones, Circa: Now [part 2]

24 Nov/09

This is the continuation of the last post that rounds up the latest on the popular smartphones of the moment. Of course, their smartness is highly relative – like whether your last phone had a color display or not and whether the rock that was over you was volcanic in origin. There’s a lot happening still, so you better catch up now. Get over to the other side and get started.

LG GT540: Another Android From LG

They just keep on coming and leaking. I am talking about these latest Android phones. They have such a propensity to leakage that you would think multinational companies need someone to educate them about keeping a tight lid on things.

Or may be everyone wants free advertisement like Apple tends to generate with their high levels of secrecy.

The latest to be leaked is another Android phone from LG, called the GT540. We haven’t heard how well the last one is doing so far but it looks like they are already quite far ahead into the second one.

LG did say that a Snapdragon model was headed for Q2 2010 and that a non-QWERTY handset is also destined for 2010. With a screen size is 320×480, it can be any one of those. Which one do you think it is?  [read]

Dell Mini 3i Starts Selling In China


The much talked about Android smartphone from phone-newbie Dell is finally going up for sale in China. They have put up a press release that details on what exactly the phone has inside it.

The PR highlights the fact that has a 16:9 ratio 3.5” screen that displays 640×360 display. Other than that, it is a quadband GSM/EDGE phone that also has GPS on it. You get a 3.5MP with auto-focus, flash, video capture, etc. Dell is probably going to launch it in Europe and the US only when they are confident that the phone will be able to hold out in front of the fast moving competition in those markets. [read]

Sony Ericsson’s XEPRIA X10 Might Go To AT&T


A lot of us were hoping that Sony Ericsson’s new Android superphone – The XPERIA X10 – would arrive on a decent carrier. Those hopes are now dashed. Based on the intel gathered by Phandroid, the radio bands on the X10 are the same as the ones on the iPhone.

QED – even though the X10 has a lot of bands listed on the website the US version will only work with the carrier who carries the iPhone. Say hello to the blue beachball all over again – AT&T. The iPhone is the iPhone, so being on AT&T has not stopped it from going viral. Will the X10 have something similar to help it sell? Only time will tell. [read]

Spotify Exudes Symbian Love


Spotify is spreading its clout over to the mobile OS that holds the largest International market share – Symbian. Spotify has just been released for the Symbian S60 OS. In doing so, they are suddenly up from supporting only a handful of phone models to supporting a long list of phone models manufactured by different carriers. Most of them are by Nokia and others include Sony Ericsson and Samsung. [read]

Spotify, despite its critics and problems, is fast becoming a large rival for other commercial services like iTunes. Spotify has also officially surpassed in user polls – this after was adamant about Spotify not being a competition for them. Now to wait for the true competition to break out. [read]

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