Fix Dead Or Stuck Pixels

12 Nov/09

It can happen that you notice a pixel or a number of pixels on your LCD monitor that appear to be stuck or dead. It is sometimes hard to notice depending on the location of the stuck pixels but an indicator is that the computer monitor does not change the color anymore in this location. An easy way to locate dead or stuck pixels is to use a software program that can fill the computer screen with one solid color which makes it that easier to locate stuck pixels.

UDPixel is such a software. The free software program can not only aid the user in locating stuck pixels but does come with the means to fix dead or stuck pixels as well. There is no guarantee for success but it cannot hurt either to give this program a try.

UDPixel, which is short for undead pixel, comes with two main options. The first is to display the computer screen in one solid color. Available are standard colors like red, white, black and blue with the option to pick custom colors from the Windows color palette.

fix dead stuck pixels

The second option will try to fix dead or stuck pixels by rapidly changing the color of the stuck pixel or stuck pixels for some time. The user can configure the number of flash windows (one for each stuck pixel), the size of the window and the flash interval (should be set to the monitor’s refresh rate). The selected number of flash windows (small pixels actually) will appear on the screen after pressing Start. These now have to be moved to the right location (that is the location of the stuck pixel) with the mouse.

The developer suggests to keep the program running for several hours. The stuck pixels might have been fixed after that time which can be verified again with the first option of the program.

UDPixels is available as a portable version and installer at the developer’s website. It is compatible with most Microsoft Windows operating systems including Windows 7. It requires the Microsoft .net Framework 2 to be installed on the computer system.

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