New CMOS Camera Will Record Your Thoughts At 1,000,000 FPS

14 Ott/09

[credit: formerglory on flickr, via CC, click for source]Scientists of the Megaframe project in Europe have developed a CMOS sensor so small that it can actually go inside a neuron channel and look at the thought signals in real time. Not to mention the fact that it can do so in 1024pixels and at a photon resolution too. This means that it can actually capture snapshots of photons. While this is an achievement on its own, a huge one, the practical uses of this CMOS camera are far more exciting.

This camera can be used in a number of medical procedures to observe the human body at a level that was never possible before. It can lead to breakthroughs in DNA sequencing and push medical science to a whole new level.

The camera can actually photograph a photon on million times per second and give clearly visible photographs to the scientists who will then use it to understand things that happen in fractions of a second, like certain important chemical reactions.

This gives scientists a direct way of looking at things that are happening at a molecular level. That in turn enables them to see and understand minute things like how a particular drug is affecting our bodies.

It will have also have a decisive effect on almost all medical procedures that use visible light to scan areas. By observing reactions at molecular levels in great details, the technology will help pharmacologists to develop drugs that are better targeted and more effective. Ultimately, as a result of the enhanced understanding of DNA sequencing, we might finally achieve the goal of truly personalized drugs.

[credit: neurollero on flickr, via CC, click for source]

This camera would also enable scientists to study our neural structure at much greater detail, being able to actually see thoughts as they move along the neural channels as signals.


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