Switching Internet Providers

1 Ott/09

I decided in August that I wanted to switch to another Internet provider despite the horror stories that friends told me when they switched to another Internet provider (T-Online) and phone company (German Telekom). I was perfectly happy with my old Internet provider (Alice DSL in Germany) and the 16/1 Mbit Internet connection and country wide phone flatrate that they offered for less than 50 Euros a month. The only aspect that made me think about switching in first place was the increase of the Internet speed to 50/10 which would increase the upload speed by a lot. The new connection sells for 60 Euros per month which is still a great deal. If you ever tried to upload a website like Ghacks to another host you might appreciate any extra bit of upload speed that you can get.

What the new company did not tell me was that I could be without phone and Internet connection for as long as six weeks. That was quite a shock when I found out considering that I needed Internet for my work. What good is a webmaster and blogger without Internet? I know have to use a wireless Internet connection that is costing me 5 Euros per day until they establish the new connection.

I got cut off yesterday by my old provider yesterday and have not heard a word from the new Internet provider since. I find it quite puzzling that it can take that long of a time in this modern age. I talked to my business partner Everton with whom I run Windows 7 News and he told me that he experienced a similar situation in the UK.

This actually made me write this article as I thought it would be great if other users could share in their success or horror stories when switching Internet providers or phone companies.

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