Rename And Copy Files With Caterpixer

28 Set/09

Caterpixer is a portable software program for the Windows operating system. It is an advanced file renaming and copying application that comes with a few aces up its sleeve that other renaming programs usually do not come with. Renaming files works by selecting a root folder on the computer system first. Caterpixer can rename all or selected files in that root folder and – if preferred – in all subfolders as well. The selected files are then added to the selected files sidebar. The renaming options are displayed after completing this initial step.

The options are divided into two tabs which makes it slightly more complicated to configure the renaming options.

rename copy files

The following options are available in the file renaming tabs:

rename files

  • Hierarchical mode – Will recursively rename files in subfolders as well
  • Add file index position to file names – Possible to add numbers, letters or both to file names.
  • Notes – Option to add notes to the new file names.
  • Parent folder name – Option to add the parent folder name to the file name
  • File creation date – Option to add the file creation date to the file name.
  • Original File Name – Option to add the original file name to the new file name.
  • Modified original file names – replaces numbers with letters
  • Word delimiter – specify the word delimiter

The second feature of Caterpixer is to copy files to another location. This can be done by clicking on the copy these files buttons in the right sidebar.

This will open a menu that looks similar to the file renaming menu. Here it is again possible to select from various options that can be activated by checking the corresponding check boxes.

copy files

  • File index position – Option to add numbers, letters or both.
  • Notes – Option to add notes to the file name
  • Destination folder – Adding the destination folder name to the file name
  • Parent folder – Adding the parent folder name to the file name
  • File creation date- Adding the file creation date to the file name
  • Original file names – Adding the original file names to the new files
  • Word delimiter – Specifying the word delimiter
  • Image quality – Changing the image quality

Caterpixer is an interesting option for users who want to rename and copy files that reside in root and subfolders. It lacks a few features that most renaming software programs offer. This includes file filters, regex operations, previews and backups. The program is currently only available for Microsoft Windows. The developer seems to have the intention to port the application to other operating systems.

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