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23 Set/09

firefoxMost websites have tracking system installed. Some internal to analyze and create visitor statistics and many external by embedding advertisement and external website tracking tools in the code. Many users are not aware of these trackers and even fewer know what the individual trackers do and do not do.

That’s where Tracker Watcher comes into play. The Firefox add-on will analyze the active website for trackers and display all that have been found on an external page. It provides information about anonymity, sharing of information, Sensitivity and deletion in an easy to understand manner.

  • Anonymity: Is the data anonymized or tracked across websites?
  • Sharing: Do they share the information with third parties?
  • Sensitivity: Do they use the information in sensitive personal areas like health conditions or financial matters?
  • Deletion: Do they promise to delete the information?

tracker watcher

Links to privacy statements of trackers are provided if available. Some trackers are not included in the list but are listed below the table. This could mean that the service does not have enough information yet about those trackers so that they could not be added to the table.

The very same page links to opt-out pages for advertisers that support that option. Those links lead to the website of the developer of the tracker where the opt-out can be announced. The Tracker Watcher website contains another link to a global opt-out page to opt out of all 91 companies that have been analyzed by the service or only 71 of those companies that have raised concerns.

Tracker Watcher can be downloaded from the Mozilla Firefox website.

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