Better GReader’s Inline Preview Back in Action

29 Giu/09

Better GReader Click to PreviewUploaded a new version of the Better GReader Firefox extension late last week, with a long overdue bug fix on one of its most useful features: inline article preview.

While you’re using Google Reader to peruse your feeds, with Inline Preview (click) enabled, you can click the article headline to load it within the Google Reader frame, no new tab required. This is especially useful for news articles that don’t include the full text inside their feed items. Thanks to scripter Bryan Tsai, this new version also lets you Ctrl+Click a headline if you do want to open it in a new tab. See it and a few other Better GReader features in action in the video below. Or just download Better GReader here, or ask questions on the mailing list here.

This video clip demonstrates the inline preview feature, but I’ve got three other options enabled that might make my Google Reader look different than yours: Show Feed Favicons, Colorful List View and the Minimalistic skin.

Thanks to all the developers whose user scripts make Better GReader possible. Here’s the full list.

  • Absolutely Compact
    Maximizes the area for displaying articles.
    By DJBullwinkle
  • Air Skin
    Cleaner font.
    By hebbet
  • Auto Add to Reader (Bypass iGoogle Choice)
    Bypasses choice between iGoogle and Reader when subscribing to feeds.
    By Simon Lieschke
  • Colorful List View
    Colorizes the item headers in Google Reader list view. (Doesn’t work with Google Gears enabled.)
    By kepp
  • Hide Unread Item Count
    Removes all unread numbers from Google Reader (except the window title count).
    By rcphq
  • Mark Until Current As Read (Shift+Y)
    Mark all entries up to the current entry as read (Shift+Y), marks all items below the current item as read (Shift+I).
    By Gautham Pai
  • Minimalistic
    Tap W key to toggle the top bar.
    By Scott Cowan
  • Optimized
    Maximize viewing area, cleaner font.
    By paikia
  • Preview Item (Automatically)
    Replaces Google Reader’s article summary with a frame containing the actual blog’s web page.
    By Itai Lahan
  • Preview Item (Click button)
    Adds a “Preview button” that allows you to view actual article in a frame. Clicking again on that button goes back to RSS view. Does work both in List view and expanded view.
    By Julien CAROSI and bryantsai
  • Show Feed Favicons (Firefox 3.1+ only)
    Displays site favicons for each feed inside Reader. (Not compatible with OS X skin.)
    By henrah
  • Smart Subscribe
    Two-click subscription to feeds encountered on any web page.
    By Jasper de Vries and Mihai Parparita

Better GReader 0.6.2 [Mozilla Add-ons]

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