Create Heatmaps With Heatmap Studio

23 Giu/09

microsoft windowsHeatmaps are basically graphical data representations on two dimensional maps. They can for example be used to represent how users access applications or websites which makes them an extremely popular instrument for usability studies. Many webmasters use heatmaps to design their websites in an optimal fashion which usually means placing the ads in a position that is recognized by most users who come and visit the website.

The Heatmap Studio is a software program for the Windows operating system that can generate heatmaps from three different types of data. The first from applications that are monitored over time, the second from Google Maps and the third from an already existing set of data.


The application monitoring heatmap module will display a list of all applications that are currently running on the computer system. It will monitor the mouse every 150 milliseconds by default. The value can be lowered to 1 ms or increased to 4901 ms. The heatmap monitoring process can be started by clicking on the start button. The Heatmap Studio will record the mouse movement and display a visual representation of it in the end. Several parameters of the heatmap can be changed once the monitoring period has ended.

The two other heatmap types work with data sets that need to be imported into the software program. The data set must fit the selected heatmap type. For Google Maps heatmaps it would mean to import a two or three column dataset with latitude and longitude while the standard heatmap requires an image for the heatmap and a dataset that is made up of standard x,y coordinates.

Heatmap Studio requires the Microsoft .net Framework 3. and is compatible with most Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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