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iPhone 3GS? Not Enough to Justify the Cost (and AT&T Sucks)

iPhone 3GSAsked my Twitter peeps [1] whether or not they were buying the just-released iPhone 3GS, and 175 replies later, the response is a pretty solid NO.

Almost 80% of respondents are passing on the 3GS mainly because they don’t think the upgrade is worth the money, they’re not eligible for the upgrade pricing, they think AT&T blows, they’re waiting for next year’s model, or they’re simply happy with their current phone. The other 20% were thrilled about getting their paws on the 3GS’ speed and video camera. Yes-folks said the 3GS finally feels “feature-complete,” that the device replaces their GPS, point and shoot camera, and in some cases, their laptop, and others said it was the perfect reason to ditch their current crappy phone.

Out of 175 responses, 138 said they were not getting the 3GS, and 37 said they were. (Since I’m an Android user, I attract non-iPhone types, so these results are skewed by who follows me.) Here are the best replies I got, with the cleverest quips and insights highlighted.


megnut [2] says [3], “Yes, iPhone = my computer, and $399 is worth it. Haven’t bought new laptop since late 06 and don’t plan to for long time.”
kyleejohnson [4] says [5], “getting 1. Have held out for 2 revs, but this one finally seems feature complete. Except for the bug with carrier options. ‘-)”
laydros [6] says [7], “Already got my 3GS. I’ve wanted 32GB for a while, don’t need to carry P&S camera (SLR when I can tho), and the speed is nice.” Second tweet: “In other words, iPhone is coming closer to leaving my iPod classic, laptop, and P&S camera at home.”
gmankono [8] says [9], “Yes, for the speed, space, & video recording. Now just have to find the $.”
ericjlubbers [10] says [11], “I’m switching from a quickly beloved Palm Pre to the iPhone for non-essential reasons: Music support (podcasts) and the camera”
ryan_price [12] says [13], “I picked up the 3GS this morning b/c I caved! I couldn’t avoid having an iPhone any longer”
allynedmonds [14] says [15], ” I did get a 3Gs , because I’m addicted to this crack phone. I need an intervention!”
KOLLETTcommaN [16] says [17], “Yes! I’ve been waiting for this version of the iPhone to work out all the kinks. I never buy generation 1 of anything…”
Ceruleanesk [18] says [19], “finally decided to jump on the bandwagon. The 32GB was what did it for me, looking for a phone/music player for a long time”
revjim1stUMC [20] says [21], “I have one pre-ordered. This upgrade is significant enuf for me a 1st gen iphone user”
jmooy [22] says [23], “yes, verizon has failed to produce anything better over 3 versions of the iphone.”
evilIT [24] says [25], “Getting a 3GS because we’ve been wanting iphones but we were just waiting for the new ones to come out.”


kevinpurdy [26] says [27], “Not upgrading, because my G1 has a great personality. And GV.
justinmwhitaker [28] says [29], “I think it makes more sense to get the 3G.
jasonfitzpatric [30] says [31], “because I *heart* my HTC Touch Pro and its physical keyboard.”
kevinthompson [32] says [33], “Nope. It was a toss up between the iPhone 3Gs or a Honeymoon. I decided I’ll try and start the marriage off right.”
smartgoat [34] says [35], “Nope, won”t be eligible for the upgrade price till March. At which point I may as well wait for the next version.”
TomDavenport [36] says [37], “I’m not getting an iPhone 3G S, because I don’t pour money from my arse.
birdmonster [38] says [39], “nope, just bought a banana to talk on instead.”
evantravers [40] says [41], “I am not, I have an android phone. :-D
binarywolf [42] says [43], “Not today AT&T, I already gave at the Blood Bank.
TheRealEdwin [44] says [45], “Price if upgrade (eligable in Feb), and laid off so not smart to spend anything at the moment. I’d like one though.”
lvdjgarcia [46] says [47], “Thought about it, but the $$/upgrade cost are too high.”
daniellenelson [48] says [49], “no, because I love my G1. ;)
metsfan [50] says [51], “nope, because I just got a Pre :)
dmkanter [52] says [53], “not anytime soon. Have had my 3g for less than 1 year and it’s prohibitively too expensive right now.”
sstrudeau [54] says [55], “I am NOT for two reasons: AT&T coverage sucks in NY & has terrible service; & I’m opposed to the App Store gatekeeper model.”
K1ngB00 [56] says [57], “Nope, because my WinMo phone can do everything it can plus more like tethering, MMS, and has a full browser (Skyfire).”
AtmanRising [58] says [59], “Hi Gina, I am not. I have a G1, which does everything I need and more (incl. video). T-Mobile is also more reliable than AT&T.”
thebuma [60] says [61], “Not until it comes to Verizon.”
AndeeD [62] says [63], “No to iPhone. Can’t afford it/monthly service. Work bought my Blackberry what I have/stuck with. I’ll live.”
brokentv [64] says [65], “Not getting an iPhone 3GS, because I’ve used the calculator on my iPod Touch to work out the aggregate cost of one.”
RockDoggy [66] says [67], “Not getting a 3GS. Monthly bill is too much.”
rcphq [68] says [69], “I’m not, im tired of apple restrictions and having to bother fixing my phone. Id still love 3.0 to fix my crappy 2.2.1 wifi”
kekil [70] says [71], “I wish, but no iPhone mainly b/c of carrier: AT&T is way more costly than my Sprint plan which has unl txt/data/GPS 4 less $$”
jdorfman [72] says [73], “no. AT&T is horrible (in SoCal). =( http://myloc.me/4v42 [74]
robwar0100 [75] says [76], “No. Going to wait for 2nd-3rd generation Palm Pre.”
ckieffer [77] says [78], “No 3gs for me. I do a lot with my 3g, but don’t need faster processing. Not a gamer or full-time social media addict.”
finkeegan [79] says [80], “I have no money :(
dartdog [81] says [82], “why would I want to go backwards from a G-1 Android to a Iphone 3gs?”
TesTeq [83] says [84], “I will not buy beautiful #iPhone 3GS because my #Nokia E71 has better functionality and looks very stylishly.”
TJrnr [85] says [86], “No, don’t need it that’s why I have a blackberry”
medebe [87] says [88], “Not (getting iphone). Turns out exact same plan with AT&T on BB Bold is cheaper by about $40. I can do something with $480/yr”
eric_adler [89] says [90], “Nope. No Java support, no buttons. Still not a good phone.
flpatriot [91] says [92], “nope, stuck on Alltel in N. Dakota. AT&T doesn’t even have service up here. *grumble*”
LadyTourmaline [93] says [94], “I’ll get an iPhone as soon as I can get it on Verizon. Until then I’m completely happy with my crackberry.”
JoshuaRJones [95] says [96], “Nope. While the speed boost is nice, I can’t justify dropping the money for a digital compass/better camera.”
edwilde [97] says [98], “seems likely there will be something special around this time next year and 18 month (UK) contract means I wont b able 2 get it”
andr [99] says [100], “No, it still lacks such basic phone feature as sms delivery reports”
dmw7 [101] says [102], “Bought an iPhone last year & the 3.0 update gets me the new features I care about for free.”
melindabyerley [103] says [104], “no, not worth the money, not enough value added to pay the extra. I don’t use video. battery life would have to double.”
adam807 [105] says [106], “AT&T svc sucks, esp in NYC. Lots of Palm Apps (eg Pocket Quicken) not replicated on iPhone yet. Hurts me as Apple nerd but no.”
jdonels [107] says [108], “I can’t get the upgrade-from-3G low price till 12/13, and by then I might as well wait till the 4G, so what’s the point?”
arbhalerao [109] says [110], “Not buying because I have a Nokia N82, way better than 3GS (well in most cases)!”
RolfSchewe [111] says [112], “Not willing to lock in 2 more yrs for a few features. I’d bet next year’s will have OLED, HD features, possibly alt carriers.”
peekah [113] says [114], “no. I love iphone, but not for me. My comps are all customized, i need options. Cant do that on iphone. G1 has 4 Home options..”
will_ph [115] says [116], “nope. Nokia’s UI may look ugly, but it does out-of-the-box what an iPhone dreams of doing someday.”
tjlytle [117] says [118], “Staying with the G1. There’s not much you can’t do once it’s rooted.”
tanzora [119] says [120], “I’m not. I don’t even use a data plan. My cell phone is for calls and texts, and only when necessary.”
TrevorBramble [121] says [122], “Not. Last Year’s Model works for me! (OK, 2 years ago.) And anyway, my upgrade path leads straight to Android.”
stompson [123] says [124], “not a compelling enough upgrade this year. I think of it as ‘the credit crunch update’ :-)
txgowan [125] says [126], “Not. Still w/Verizon. Get new phone in Dec. May get Pre when they become avail on VZ in January.”
aergonaut [127] says [128], “If my 1G weren’t already serving me so well and if it didn’t cost an arm and a leg, I would consider it.”
johnny9k [129] says [130], “No. Waiting for “One More Thing” and the Verizon dude walks onto the stage.
pluggpro [131] says [132], “No iphone for me. I can’t deal with touch-screen keyboards. I’m perfectly happy with my G1.”
rachaelr [133] says [134], “nope, no 3GS upgrade yet, still got 8 months or so on my current iphone 3G contract, and the upgrade isn’t really worth the $”
jim_rubenstein [135] says [136], “no, im eligible for the best subsidy price but im sick of the high plan prices! im going to kick it with an idiot phone for now”
lmjr [137] says [138], “No upgrade for me this round. I’m happy with the 3G. Skipping the 3Gs and holding out for 3GSx. #iphone”
tarajo [139] says [140], “I want one but I just got the 3g last year so I will wait a while I guess…”
katrinaarcher [141] says [142], “No. My own iPhone is too recent and the 3.0 SW upgrade will tide me over until the budget police loosen their grip on my wallet
esoneill [143] says [144], “Too much money for not enough change.
markprestash [145] says [146], “not getting the iPhone because of AT&T’s awful CSR’s, bad coverage in my area, and their terrible pricing schemes”
inthemiddle [147] says [148], “I’m not. My interest is the updated camera, but it’s not worth the money when I already carry a Canon PowerShot G9 with me.”
lemiffe [149] says [150], “No. It’s compelling, nonetheless rather expensive.”
CYMR0 [151] says [152], “no 3GS for moi. Not paying a premium for this one as they’ll only come out with a new one next year!”
brentajones [153] says [154], “Not until 3G contract’s up, maybe not then. Don’t need vox ctrl, already have flip cam…killer app is compass (aug. reality)”
heniadis [155] says [156], “perhaps too late, but I won’t be getting a 3GS. I don’t like att enough for an iphone. Perhaps if verizon gets it.”
michaelwendell [157] says [158], “- Not getting 3GS, solely due to AT&T’s assinine mid-contract upgrade pricing. #iphone”
zanshin [159] says [160], “I would love to get one, can’t justify the data plan cost however. Sigh #iphone”
burakerdem [161] says [162], “Will not get the new iPhone 3Gs because only video and compass are not enough. I need more to purchase a new toy for myself :)
serenium [163] says [164], “Nope. Not worth the expense to upgrade from the 3G, afaic. I’ll wait for the next one.”
jonathansheely [165] says [166], “Don’t care about rec video. Speed isn’t that much faster. Compass would be nice for Gmaps but not worth 200 dollars.”
thomaswilburn [167] says [168], “Nope: can’t afford to let AT&T know I’m using a smartphone on their old medianet plan…”
SidneyClay [169] says [170], “that is NOT! It’s not worth it! Hmm. Maybe, if it’s got intention-support. Now that would be worth some of my money!”
racheldonovan [171] says [172], “nope my 3g does the trick for now”
SidneyClay [169] says [173], “cause I have an iPhone 3G and the upgrade is definately worth it. My jailbroken phone’s already os3 too, so that’s moot.”
mcduo [174] says [175], “not getting it. Can’t justify 300$ for few features over my 3G 16gb.”
VatePowell [176] says [177], “DIY 3G S = Gluing compass to back of 3G I already have.
hatchethead [178] says [179], “I have a GoPhone iPhone 1G. If I went for the 3GS, I’d be locked into AT&T. Gonna wait for Verizon.”
michaeljones [180] says [181], “Not getting 3GS. Not eligible for lower price until January 2010.”
martlev [182] says [183], “Because its apple, doesn’t do much more than android phones do and is network specific.”
noahpurdy [184] says [185], “No. My 3G does everything I need and will for as long as it doesn’t die on me. Plus it has some wicked battle scars. #lastyears”
erikbmi [186] says [187], “I am not getting an iPhone 3GS yet. The doc says I have to wait a while before donating another kidney,and it may be ‘unwise’ ;)
brawr [188] says [189], “I’m not, compass + camera + faster CPU don’t justify breaking my contract in the same way that 3G + GPS + app store did.”
madichan [190] says [191], “No, because I just got my iPhone in August, and I’m trying real hard to not be an Apple whore ;)
jordo37 [192] says [193], “speed would be great, but it’s not good enough to upgrade and pay for it”
works [194] says [195], “Not enough of an upgrade over the 3G IMO until AT&T rolls out higher speed network. The video and new camera are tempting tho.”
419onscene [196] says [197], “Nope, Apple doesn’t get to decide what I can do with my phone
Nosgoroth [198] says [199], “Student here – no monies for the device, much less for the monthly assault.”
davidamcclain [200] says [201], “I would (and I will) but I’m supposed to be saving towards quitting the 9-5. A new iPhone has to take a back-seat for now.”
JeremiahFelt [202] says [203], “AT&T – don’t approve of their business practices, lack of support, and their network blows (in my area). Otherwise, I’d have 2.”
flamsmark [204] says [205], “Why get a locked-up, mediocre phone, when I have a gorgeous unlocked Nokia N85 that does everything?”
jbarbel [206] says [207], “iPhone is more than I need. If Evernote would hurry up with a BB app my Pearl is enough for me and cheaper.”
webpoet73 [208] says [209], “No…i can’t bring myself to align with the big blue death star…if the iPhone 3GS (or the iPhone 3G) were on Verizon… SOLD.”
altrenda [210] says [211], “still no iphone, can’t find anything I need it to do that my G1 can’t, and it still can’t do everything I can do with Android”
bithaze [212] says [213], “No 3GS; staying with my WinMo iPaq. iPhone has some nice features but it’s still catching up and simply not for power users.”
specialdave197 [214] says [215], “im not, due to the ridiculous upgrade plan here in the UK”
tenofziger [216] says [217], “Am not getting 3GS because don’t qualify for reduced price with ATT and already have 3G”
mrhaydel [218] says [219], “I won’t be getting a 3GS (and I hope you’re aren’t either). I’m a super happy Android user who doesn’t need Apple’s antics.”
mcflossy [220] says [221], “nope…in the middle of a 3G contract…not enough ‘newness’ in the 3GS…all the goodies are in 3.0…I’ll wait till next June”
FriarTech [222] says [223], “just bought iPhone 3g In may because I actually thought apple wouldn’t discount it. My fault to look at history. So no 3gs now!”
daftviking [224] says [225], “no 3GS for me, no 3G, not even 1G: no GSM coverage anywhere near where I live. Stuck with my prepaid CDMA dumbphone. #whinge”
petty5320 [226] says [227], “nope, still waiting to get the Pre!”
rangerwinslow [228] says [229], “No iPhone 3gs here – price would be my top THREE reasons, and AT&T would be the next SEVENTEEN to round out my top 20. :)
beeare [230] says [231], “NOT getting an IPhone in UK – too expensive , too complicated, too Apple. Can you make calls with an Iphone?”
andyburke [232] says [233], “not for now, too little better than 3G to justify cost. Maybe in 6 months when cheaper if 3G’s battery continues to decline :(
karelj [234] says [235], “No multitasking, no physical qwerty, crappy 3mp camera, non swappable battery, better version coming out next year.
egra [236] says [237], “No. Got a 3G last year. Value of speed + compass + video < price of upgrade.”
karelj [234] says [238], “and the main reason…. every Hipster idiot has one and God knows I want nothing in common with those people.
ickthegeek [239] says [240], “No 3GS for me. I’m lovin multitasking on the #pre. WebOS looks to be a more open platform IMHO. But Apple app store cant b beat”
bill_clark [241] says [242], “Not worth $399 to me. 3.0 on my 3G gives me everything but voice dial, video & xtra speed. I’d love v.dial, but not for $399.”
GeoAggie [243] says [244], “Not yet, my 3G is still going good.”
ozwash [245] says [246], “I’m waiting for next year’s iPhone, and sticking with the 3G”
Matthew_Adams [247] says [248], “No 3GS for me… not enough revolution to make it worth switching. Plus the camera resolution is still poor.”
stephensauceda [249] says [250], “nope. I’m happy with my 3g and 3.0. Just hope to jailbreak soon to get back video recording.”
johnketner [251] says [252], “Still can’t justify the cost of AT&T plan. My TMobile plan for blackberry is 1/2 the cost.”
carmine978 [253] says [254], “I’m waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon. Currently, I use my iPod Touch 2G as a phone via Skype. Works great with my MiFi”
barleyguy [255] says [256], “Nope. I use a lame prepaid phone, because I don’t like monthly bills or contracts. Prepaid Iphone I would be all over.”
TIMCALLOW [257] says [258], “because my company has locked out iPhones from the exchange server (not secue enough).”
rerunaround [259] says [260], “I’m not getting a 3GS. I’m bored of my iphone and turned off by the fascist itunes software. Android, here I come! :)
gjacykowski [261] says [262], “No. 3GS is not a milestep – some basic features still missing. I think Apple should be aware of Android.”
falcolas [263] says [264], “No, no ATT service in Montana. Wish I could, though.”

As I said on Friday, I’m not getting the 3GS either. It’s tempting, but I’m happy with my G1 running Android. Thanks to everyone who replied! (Here’s more on why and how I’m using Twitter to run surveys like this [265].)

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