Google Wave Questions and Answers

13 Giu/09

Google Wave PreviewAfter whinging loudly about not having access to the Google Wave preview, Santa GOOG dropped an invite off in my inbox last night. Sadly I have no invites to give you, but I want to share the love how I can. Last night I held a Wave Q&A on Twitter, where folks asked anything they wanted to know about the app and I did my best to answer. I’m no Wave expert, but now that I’ve got my dirty little paws on it I had some insights and screenshots to share. The question and answer transcript is here, plus those images.

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Google Wave screenshot 1

Before we start A’ing the Q’s, know that the best place to see and hear what Wave’s all about is in the full demonstration video. Seriously, that’s a must-watch. If you don’t have an hour+ to spare, check out the highlight reel instead.

Here are some of the questions I got on Twitter, and my responses.

Q: Explain it in 140 characters, please. I’m still a bit in the shadow about what it DOES. —roxaloxa
A: Simplest terms: Google Wave is Gmail on crack. Imagine Gmail, Google Talk, and Google Docs in one big inbox.

Q: Does Wave require a Gmail ID? —Nightwyrm
A: For the dev preview, I got a new Google Apps login at; not sure if regular Gmail will work at release. Update, on further thought: While right now a Google account is required for the dev preview, since the protocol is open and can be hosted on other servers, it’s possible a Google Account won’t be a requirement. I hope that’s the case.

Q: Share a cool use case example please! —strawp
A: Personally I’m dying to co-write a Lifehacker post with @adampash on it! That’s one cool use case! Also, it’s killer group chat.

Q:i wud like to know wht more features r going to b added up into Wave and mostly imp is when can it b made access to evryone :-) —krishnat
A: I don’t have a new features crystal ball beyond the ones already demo’ed, but it’s supposed to go live later this year.

Q: What is wave like in terms of speed? I wonder about its real world performance (like how gmail is sometimes less than perfect) —graemehunter
A: The dev preview is super snappy, you get character by character live updates as your recipient types, real-time. Clarification, on further thought and usage: The dev preview is still pretty unstable, with regular crashes that require a refresh. We’ll only know what its real world performance will be like when it’s out there!

Q: Would you consider Google Wave a “Facebook Killer”?? —jmnova
A: IMO Google Wave won’t be a Facebook killer, but I can see it subsuming Gmail, GTalk, and to some extent, GDocs.

Q: Will Wave be a Basecamp killer? —suzero
A: IMO not a Basecamp killer (Google Wave isn’t a project mgt app), but it will give Campfire a run for its money. Update: And maybe Backpack.

Q: How well does it federate with email? —DenubisX
A: The email federation question is a GREAT one. It doesn’t right now, AFAIK, but I can’t imagine it won’t by release or soon after. Update: Rafe Needleman reported that the makers of Wave are holding off on email integration to keep it as spam-free as possible. Will be interesting to see how the email federation issue plays out.

Q: So is it similar to a whiteboard sharing via WLM and some collaborative doc. editors? what makes GWave unique in that? —Miles312
A: Yes, it feels like screensharing or one of those collaborative text editors. Just, you know, in the browser.

Q: Do you find yourself thinking more carefully before you type since the recipient can see it in real time? —seancron
A: Yes! The checkbox that will let you turn off realtime updates isn’t enabled yet!

Update: You can easily create and distribute polls amongst your Wave contacts, as shown here.

Google Wave Poll

Q: Any news on when it will actually be available to the masses? :) —diptychal
A: If I’m not mistaken, at Google IO they said Wave will be available to the public “later this year.”

Q: What’s your favorite gWave feature? —Miles312
A: I love the SubEthaEdit-like collaborative editing (chasing cursors is fun!); also, wave playback is fantastic.

Q: 1st of all does wave work seamless between windows & apple and also in secure business architectures, thanx? —alexisvandam
A: Yup, it’s a web application so only a browser is required, all operating systems. Your Wave session is encrypted, too (https).

Q: Is it really different from existing wiki or groups? —Hellchico
A: It isn’t. The Ah-ha! is the combination of features from wikis, email, IM, VCS, blogs & doc managers into one interface.

Q: Do you think it’s going to change everything about how we interact with each other? (Of course!) How soon will the change be? —joannbc
A: I wouldn’t say Google Wave is going to “change everything”; but it does take online communication/collaboration to the next level.

Q: Dug Wave real-time blog updates. Might B cool to see your fav bloggers as they work. Might be lil’ creepy 4 the blogger though! —VerbalKint
A: It’s totally embarrassing to know that your recipient can see all your ugly typos happen live (even when you correct them!) Update, on further usage: Everyone feels this way, and after a few chats you get used to it. It’s really fun watching a message come to life as it happens, though it’s a little less efficient, too. (If you watch someone type continuously, it’s slower than just reading the finished product of that typing.)

Q: Can you peel off a wave into a side convo? —learningashland
A: Yes, you can copy a wave into a new wave and drop other contacts onto it to have a side convo.

Q: Now you mention it, how good is the integration between Wave and the other Google products??? Is it the app to rule them all?? —jmnova
A: Still early, but right now you can embed maps, YouTube videos and Google search results into a Wave. Definitely more to come. Update, on further use: I’ve also got the blogger integration going. Here’s my Wave blog.

Google Wave screenshot 2

Q: Will it help me to move through my daily 2.0 site slog quicker? Too much time in all this, need a centralized tool… —WadeBiery
A: Right now it puts messaging (email & IM) and document collaboration in one place, and more to come with extensions…

Q: How does it work cross browser/platform, memory usage? —farhanlalji
A: so far so good on Safari & Firefox on my Mac. I’ll keep an eye on memory usage and report back. :)

Q: How can Wave help cope with info overload? Do u forsee there being a problem getting 2 Wave Zero like email? Does realtime help —seancron
A: Google Wave has all the info (overload) mechanisms Gmail does: archiving, tagging, advanced search operators. Plus folders!

Q: Is Google Wave close to iPhone/mobile browser friendly? —rossm
A: It’s not compatible with the current Android browser (haven’t tried iPhone yet) but as the demo vid showed, it will be.

Q: When’s it supposed to launch? And is it integrated with reader? —bgribin
A: later this year, & I didn’t see Google Reader integration… yet. Since it’s extensible, that seems inevitable eventually, though.

Q: What browser are you waving in? —lnorvig
A: So far I’ve waved in both Firefox 3.0 and Safari 4.0, it worked well in both (tho I hear it’s even faster in the Chrome nightly)

Q: Is receiving and sending single messages quick or are there extra actions required. cheers —light50
A: As quick as sending an email; quicker if your recipient is online (b/c s/he could see the message as you type it).

Q: Tell us if Google Wave is really the future of online communication —jakeaking
A: Haha, I don’t have a crystal ball, but it IS very promising!

Q: Do you see yourself using Wave on a daily basis? —mjf
A: Could be my excitement about the novelty talking, but once all my contacts are on Wave, I could see using it instead of Gmail entirely.

Q: Is it as fast as the demo showed? Oh, and can you get every single one of us on Google Wave? No, aww. Please? No? Well, dangit. —RobinRamael
A: Yes, it is as fast as the demo showed. It’s truly a WHOAH! moment the first time you watch your contact edit a wave live.

Q: What does the inbox look like? And what does the wave document look like? What’s different? (fun! Thanks!) —learningashland
A: Here, have a few screenshots.

Note: Stills don’t do Google Wave justice, but until I can rustle up some screencasts, click on any of the images in this post to get a closer look.

Google Wave screenshot 3

If you have more questions about Wave, post ‘em in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer. Sadly I don’t have invites or any kind of special magic trick that will get you into the preview; but do make sure you put your name in the hat.

(In case you were wondering, I compiled this Q&A using a Twitter app I’ve got in development.)

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