DuckDuckGo Traffic Still Climbing Like Crazy

9 Mar/12

I have been using the DuckDuckGo search engine for some time now and have to say that I’m more than happy with the results it provides. For the majority of searches, it provides me with the information I need. And if it does not come up with a valuable result, I add !g to the search phrase to redirect the search to Google (see How To Improve Your DuckDuckGo Search Experience for additional tips and shortcuts).

I also noticed that the search engine was really starting to take off traffic wise, reaching one million direct searches per day regularly in February. And while that is nothing compared to Bing’s or Google’s search volume, it is still impressive.

DuckDuckGo in many regards is what Google was when the service started to offer its search engine to the public. Back when Google launched, it was all about improving search quality and improving search accessibility. With DuckDuckGo, it is about that, but also about privacy and simplicity. Google in recent years has added so much noise to the search engine, that it sometimes difficulty to spot the organic search results among the ads and Google products.

Privacy is not the only difference though, as the company behind the search engine has added other useful features to their search engine that improves the users search experience for many queries (like the information bar at the top).

When you look at DuckDuckGo’s traffic in March, you will notice that it has made another big jump since the end of February 2012. Direct search traffic has nearly doubled in a month’s time (from around 900k per month at the beginning of February to 1.6 million in March). If everything goes as planned, the site will see a 50% jump in direct search traffic in March, reaching 46.5 million direct search requests in that month.

duckduckgo traffic march

That’s more than a double-up when compared to January’s 20 million direct search requests, and still impressive when compared to February’s 30 million requests.

If you have not tried out DuckDuckGo yet, I suggest you give it a try. While it is unlikely that it will ever be as popular as Google, it has the potential to snag away market share percentages from the search engine giant.

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