Some cool Linux tips/tricks

14 Mag/10

It’s Friday and that means we’re all ready for the weekend. But that also means we’re ready for some fun. Because of that I thought it would be fitting to do an article on some of the cooler Linux tips and tricks that I have come across over the years. This article will be a bit of mish-mash of topics…but well worth the read. So, without further adieu, let’s cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war!

Collaborate with the screen command

Let’s say you and your co-worker are both working on debugging an application and your partner has run into a snag. Instead of having to march back and forth between offices, or leaving the comfort of your own chair (you lazy thing), you can log onto your co-workers machine and collaborate! Here’s how it works. Both machines will be Linux machines and both will have ssh accessibility. If you need to help your co-worker out follow these steps:

  1. Secure shell into your friends machine…the only catch is, you have to log on with his username/password.
  2. Issue the command screen -s NAME Where NAME is any name you want.

Now your co-worker has to open up a terminal window and issue the command screen -x NAME Where NAME is the same name you used in your command. Now whenever either of you type in your screen both of you will see what is going on at the same time.

To detach yourself from this session you have to hit <Ctrl>a and then d. That means hold down <Ctrl>, hit a, and then hit d. You will be released from the session.

Execute files as programs in GNOME

Say you have that killer bash script you use for something tucked away in your home directory. You can run that script by open up a terminal window and issuing the command to run the script, OR…you can set up Nautilus so that files can be run with a simple double click. Now, use caution with this, because it can open up security issues. But if you know you are safe (are you ever really safe?) you can set this feature.

To set this up open up Nautilus to the directory that will house the script and then right-click the script and select Properties. In this new window click on the Permission tab and then check the box for Execute. Close the Properties window and then, back in Nautilus, double click that script and see what happens…it should execute.

Double your copy/paste pleasure

You have have heard me mention before how Linux has a cool way to copy paste. You simply highlight what you want to copy with the left mouse button (click and drag to select) and then click the middle mouse button to paste. But did you know that form of copy/paste does not effect the traditional <Ctrl>c/<Ctrl>v? That’s right. So effectively you have a primary and secondary buffer for copy/paste. You can highlight section A with the left mouse button drag/highlight method and then copy section B with the standard <Ctrl>c method. Now you two different pieces of text to paste – one with the middle mouse button and the other with <Ctrl>v! Sweet.

Final thoughts

There’s your fun friday Linux tricks. Now, go out and enjoy the weekend! Or just sit at home and continue to rock away on your Linux box.

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