SSD Drive Tweaker

10 Feb/10

Early adopters are use cutting edge technology which sometimes backfires. If you bought a first or second generation Solid State Drive (SSD) you might have experienced this first hand. SSD performance is fine in the beginning but begins to go down with use to a point where the once fast and accessible cutting edge drive becomes slower than modern conventional hard drives.

Second generation drives can sometimes be saved by applying a firmware patch that will add trim support and a software solution that’s called Wiper. Trim needs to be supported by the SSD’s firmware and the operating system. Currently only Windows 7 and a few Linux distributions support it.

Trim is a command that the operating system can send to the flash storage controller letting the controller know which data is not longer needed which speeds up the write processes. But this speed gain diminishes with the fill rate of the drive which is why most manufacturers suggest that the drive should only be filled up to 80% of its capacity.

Wiper is basically a software based trim with the difference that it will only perform its operation on execution and not all the time.

First generation SSD users on the other hand usually have to live without trim or wipers. That’s where third party programs like SSD Tweaker can help.

SSD Tweaker tries to reduce the write processes on the Solid State Drive which will affect the performance of the drive positively.

The portable software will display several options in its interface that can be used to enable or disable write intensive functions of the Windows operating system.

This includes disabling the Windows Indexing Service, System Restore, clearing the pagefile at shutdown, boot tracing, ntfs 8.3 name creation or file date stamping.

These configuration tweaks can benefit all SSD drives, even those that support Trim or come with a Wiper program. They do on the other hand limit the functionality of the operating system.

SSD Tweaker comes with an auto tweak setting that will apply the suggested settings for the best performance automatically.

The program is compatibly with all 32-bit and 64-bit  Microsoft operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 7. Download is available at the OCZ Technology Forum.

You can find additional optimization tips in our Optimize Slow Solid State Drives guide.

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