Projectview Lists Your Todo.txt by Project

6 Gen/10

I’m coming up on year four of using a plain todo.txt file and a simple bash script to manage my daily tasks in it, and I still love the CLI simplicity. But this year I’m juggling several different projects, and needed an easy way to see my todo list separated into sub-lists by project. Happily, the Todo.txt CLI is now extensible, which means several handy add-ons can make it do all sorts of things not included in the core script. One of my favorites is the projectview add-on.

Projectview lists your todo.txt by project (which you notate with the +ProjectName format in each task). Here’s what a regular listing of some of my current todo’s looks like, and then what projectview outputs.

A standard ls command (which I’ve aliased to t ls) outputs something like this:

There you can see I’ve got tasks prioritized and color-coded, with contexts listed with an @ sign (like @email and @github) and projects listed with a + sign (like +Smarterware and +ThinkTank). This is a fine view if you just want to tackle items based on priority alone, but not as well when you have a long list and want to make sure you’re moving along individual projects. Here’s where projectview comes in.

With it installed, running a projectview command (to save keystrokes, I’ve aliased it to t pv), I get this:

There you can see each project gets its own sub-heading, and then lists tasks associated with it underneath. If a task applies to more than one project projects–like #4 in my screenshots–it gets listed in each. Tasks not associated with a project get listed last.

Of course, if you just want to look at a single project’s task list, you can always do a t ls +ProjectName command, no add-on required.

Once you’ve got the Todo.txt CLI installed (version 1.5 just released last night!), download projectview into your ~/.todo/actions/ directory and make it executable to start using it. Thanks a million to Paul Mansfield for this useful add-on; here’s a directory of more Todo.txt CLI add-ons for your command line pleasure.

For quick video primer on what life is like with todo.txt at the command line, check out a screencast.

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