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Computer Temperature Monitor HWMonitor

Keeping an eye on the computer temperature, especially the most relevant components like the processor (cpu), hard drives and video cards is essential to ensure data integrity and reliability of the computer system. Temperatures that reach critical levels can lead to all kinds of computer hardware related problems like crashes, blue screens, data loss and even permanently damaged hardware.

One option to monitor computer temperatures is a software based temperature monitor. These programs usually draw their information from the hardware components (for instance by reading SMART information from hard drives). HWMonitor is but one of the many programs out there that can monitor computer temperatures.

The portable software program is compatible with common temperature sensor chips on the computer’s motherboard, cpu thermal sensors, hard drive smart technologies and video card temperatures. All temperatures are displayed in the main interface upon startup divided by component.

The program will automatically monitor the temperatures of supported hardware components for as long as it is running. The temperatures are then displayed with their min, max and mean values to give the user information about the range and standard temperatures of the computer system. The temperatures can be saved in a text file. There are unfortunately no notification options available that inform the user if the temperature reaches critical levels, something that other temperature monitors provide.

HWMonitor is a lightweight software that does not need to be installed. This makes it ideal for portable use. The software can be [1] downloaded from the developer’s website. It is compatible with most Windows operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit).

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