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17 Dic/09

Google Browser Size is a new web service that has been published by Google Labs that can be used to visualize the browser window sizes of users visiting a specific website.

The service will display transparent information on top of the website that has been loaded visualizing how much of the website visitors see without having to scroll. This is done by displaying percentages on the screen and using colors to differentiate the different groups from each other.

A 98% rating for example means that 98% of all visitors of the website have their browser window open to the size or larger. It does also mean that 2% use a smaller size than the one displayed.

google browser size

The service can provide the webmaster with important information about the site’s visitors as it can aid in optimizing specific elements on the website to increase their exposure to all visitors without them having to scroll to locate it.

Five, ten or even twenty percent of all visitors is a huge number on some sites. That’s a big number considering that some visitors tend to leave a website without scrolling the page they landed on.

To use Google Browser Size for a specific website enter the url of the website into the text form at the top. Please note that the service will not automatically align the website at the left browser border which might be necessary for sites that do not do that automatically to visualize the real percentages. A user with a 1920 monitor resolution will for instance see a different result for the same website than a user with a 1024 monitor resolution. It is therefor important to align the content to the left side of the screen.

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