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Multi Monitor Control

windows softwareMost users with multi monitor systems run the computer monitors side by side. Some users on the other hand use systems where the other computer monitor is not directly viewable, e.g. one normal computer monitor next to the computer system and a media center TV in another location.

Multi Monitor Manager is a lightweight portable solution to control multiple monitors that are connected to a computer system from the main system. The software program will immediately display the screens of all connected computer monitors with the option to interact with each of them using the computer mouse and keyboard.

multi monitor

A click on a computer monitor window makes it possible to interact with the elements that are displayed on the computer screen. It is possible to resize the screen for better access. This is recommended as the default window size is rather smallish. Everything that can be done directly on a computer system with the mouse and computer keyboard can also be done using the Multi Monitor software. This includes opening and closing programs, typing text, launching commands or taking screenshots.

The multi monitor manager uses mostly cpu resources while running but barely any computer memory. Users who operate computer systems with multiple monitors might want to check out the portable software program. It was developed by Skrommel [1] who is a member of Donation Coder [2]. It can be downloaded directly using this link [3].

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