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Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Upgrade Chart [Windows 7]

[1]Today Microsoft made Windows 7 available to their MSDN and TechNet service subscribers [2], and to help prepare you for the impending release, the company has also produced an official upgrade chart.

(Click the image above for a closer look.)

According to ZDNet, “the blue boxes are for custom (clean) installs; the green boxes mean you can do an in-place upgrade.” Granted, a chart’s better than nothing, but folks (like ZDNet’s Ed Boot) are also calling it out for being altogether confusing; in fact, Boot created a simplified version (click through to ZDNet to see it) that cuts out whole rows and gets straight to the point. Take a look at one or both for a closer look at what your upgrade path will entail.

Microsoft Blunders with a Confusing Windows 7 Upgrade Chart [3] [ZDNet via Gizmodo [4]]


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