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Tilt-Shift Photography – 80+ Beautiful Examples, Tutorials and More | Ultimate Guide

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Tilt-shift photography [2] is a method of photography that utilizes tilt-shift lenses [3] to overcome the restrictions of depth of field and perspective that normal lenses provide. A tilt-shift lens allows for the rotation of lens against the image plane (tilt), as well as the movement of lens along the image plane (shift). By applying Scheimpflug principle [4], tilt-shift photography is able to obtain a very shallow depth of field using tilt and a large aperture.

Tilt-shift miniature faking [5] is one of the most popular applications of tilt-shift photography. This is a process in which a photographer manipulates the angle of a tilt-shift lens to distort the focus of a scene to be captured by the camera, thereby creating an illusionary depth of field usually produced by macro lenses. This makes the particular scene appear smaller than it truly is.

Due to the popularity of tilt-shift miniature faking, it is often misunderstood to be synonymous with the tilt-shift photography method itself. In reality, there are other effects that can be achieved from this method. For instance, tilt-shifting is widely used to capture architectural scenes because of its unique ability to remove perspective in photos and manipulate the plane of focus.

We present here 60 cool examples of tilt-shift photography for your reference.

Tilt-Shift Photography

Nakayan’s tilt-shift Tokyo 箱庭日比谷線 [6]
by pinboke_planet






t [11]

Eiffel Tilt-Shift II [12]
by ArnarBi


Tikal Miniature [13]
by roevin


Vatican Stairs [14]
by Toshio


Oregon State Beavers Tilt-Shift Miniature [1]
by wikipedia.com</p>


Mini-cars on a mini-street [15]
by nahadef


Miniature living room [16]
by countlazarus


Tilt-shift crossroads [17]
by ochmonek


Tilt-shift house [18]
by pernillep


School Walk [19]
by hello hayley


Dirt bikes race start [20]
by wakeboy


New York City Miniature [21]
by Daniele Pesaresi


Real world in miniature: Construction site [22]
by Super tourist


Street in Downtown LA [23]
by CFrancisco


Small Worlds at the Technisches Museum Vienna [24]
by bre pettis


Tilt Loader [25]
by entropy462


Real Macro [26]
by deMiguel


Landschaft30 [27]
by Matthias Focks






Mini Traffic [32]
by Studio Skitz (Steven Hsieh)



Toy train [34]
by rolohauck


Two-Bump [35]
by cityshrinker






Kid’s store [37]
by Stevo Arnold


Clock tower [37]
by Rolo Hauck


Houses on a slope [37]
by mcsixth


Bigrig [38]
by Hamish D. Grant





Canal Grande [42]
by jjjohn



River boat on the Mississippi [44]
by djnekokittie


Tilt Shift – Puente del Inca, Mendoza, Argentina [45]
by Al Zuwaga


Vegas mini six [46]
by californiabirdy


Tilt-shift ─ Jhongjhu Port [47]
by Yueh-Hua 2009

old_city-hall_sheraton [48]
by wvs


Peering into the Miniascape [49]
by rawheadrex


The Corniche in Muscat Oman [50]
by Eric Lafforgue


Southern Cross Station [51]
by JamesDPhotography




Small houses [54]
by H� Nim</p>


Small People [55]
by ChristofferEngström


serralves 08 [56]
by ronyjux





Harvard Book Store – Tilt Shift [60]
by Carmel Kozlov


Man in the woods [61]
by Cheapshooter.com



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Tilt-shift lenses (D.I.Y)

Not surprisingly, tilt-shift lenses can be quite expensive, costing $1000 and above. Here are some alternative methods you can go for:

Tilt-Shift With Adobe Photoshop

If tilt-shift lens is not within your budget at this time, how about some Photoshopping to get your photo to look really tilt-shifted.

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